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A decision maker takes the floor

A. Vagabulle: les leçons d'une expérience traumatisante

En 2017, Delphine Chevallier subit une cyberattaque foudroyante qui paralyse son entreprise durant plusieurs semaines. Il s’agissait d’un véritable black-out, avec un arrêt complet de tous les canaux de communication.


Highlights of the Month

COVID-19 cyber-attacks multiply and diversify

While the white coats are fighting to save lives, Black hats are playing with our fear. And there’s no cure against this disgusting opportunism. You just have to open your eyes wide and think before you click.We give you some hints to improve your “immunity”. Read more...

[UPDATE] Remote Working: Safety and cybersecurity can go hand in hand

Check for updates for when your working remotely. Apply home wifi best practices and hide the camera on your laptop. Read more...
Diversity in Cybersecurity: Join the challenge!

Europe needs to step up its efforts and strengthen its very own security capacities to secure its digital society, economy and democracy. Diversity and gender balance is key for success. Read more...

Upcoming remote events

Lëtz Cybersecurity Challenge 2020: seeking for talents

With over 20 unique challenges on the day, we have tasks and activities to keep participants entertained. Participants have to solve security related tasks from domains such as web security, network security, wireless and IoT security, cryptography, exploitation, reverse engineering, forensics, puzzles and much more. Read more...

Teleworking and Precautions
CASES Webinar on the best teleworking practices. March 26th, 15:00. Read more...


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