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Newsletter #4 | March 2021
Dear readers,
The EU’s Green Deal foresees a bigger investment package in the energy sector than ever before which means that there is a demand for a more interdisciplinary skillset where conclusive knowledge on renewables, grids, AI and economy must be combined. SMAGRINET’s information packages in the form of short-term programs is the place to receive this knowledge online! Hundreds of people have partaken in the SMAGRINET modules and short-term programs and guess what – you may join them for free.

The glimmer of hope on regarding COVID being subsided with the arrival of the vaccines is well welcomed by all. During the hopefully ending lockdown situation this might be the best time for self-development and get oneself loaded with information and skillsets to intensely hop on and tackle the energy transition. The Estonian government has also recognised this opportunity and with a small effort and collaboration our short term programs are now an official part of the Estonian national re-educational program.

Registering and completing one of our ‘Smart grid A to Z” is free of charge and the only thing that will come out of it is you as a better person who knows something more about what is going on in the energy sector and around you. This project would not have taken place without the hard working people whose ideas and experiences have formulated the platform that we are able to provide and this newsletter before you is able to provide you a more in depth look on what we do in our daily lives.

We are proud to provide you this month's newsletter which emphasies on the women behind the wheel of the project. The project soon to start its third year and we would like to give you insight on what women think should be the next step in the energy sector and how the smart grid is levelling the field of equality regarding the workforce. We hope that this inspires you to take the step and join the energy sector and its revolution.
The Female Energy Powering SMAGRINET

Today, there are already women in a wide variety of positions in the energy sector, from support staff to technicians and managers. However, it can be said that this is still a very "masculine" field. One thing is for sure - there are more women in energy than ever before, but certainly not enough. SMAGRINET doesn’t follow this pattern. But why? Get to know and hear from the amazing women of SMAGRINET.
Merylin Pill (TalTech), Anneli Roose (CIVITTA) , Catarina Pereira ( , Janja Dolec (ULJUB) , Olga Kyselova (TUD), Sandra Metsis (Elektriliit), Melika Hinaje (ULOR) 
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SMAGRINET: Now part of Estonian national reeducational program
It is no secret that the energy sector is changing, which also means that re-educating employees for example in the oil shale industry, is necessary. In Estonia, several labour market surveys have been carried out regarding this matter and now the government has also started to support this mission through a national program aimed to enforce re-education. SMAGRINET’s smart grid training course in Estonian is now part of this program. This means that SMAGRINET is bigger than ever.
Merylin Pill (TalTech)
How to make a complex subject such as Energy easy to understand?
Conveying a message to other people clearly might sound simple. But it's a process that is often fraught with error, especially when the topic that is being communicated is a complex one. As communication leaders of SMAGRINET, this is one of LOBA’s hurdles on the project: How do we communicate something that most people do not even have the basic understanding of (meaning energy)?
Catarina pereira, mariana lopes (
In case you missed SMAGRINET’s “Train-the-Trainers” Workshop
Our Train-the-Trainers workshop, as the name already states, has been organized with the aim of knowledge transfer among the teaching experts of several European universities. Organizing such event is challenging, since it aims to provide actual information in an interesting and understandable way and, on the other hand, ensure the highest level of expertise.
Janja dolenc, Boštjan Blažič (University of Ljubljana)
First round of Module’s Implementation Completed
The first round of our modules’ implementation finished successfully. Five universities implemented the SMAGRINET modules teaching 71 students in total. The students participated in an evaluation which is being analysed next in order to further improve the modules. After updating the modules, they will be taught again during the second implementation phase.
Christine Michalek (Technische Universität Berlin)
ASSET Webinar: “The Role of Women in the Energy Transition”
MARCH 24,2021
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