A decision maker takes the floor

Marcus J. Ranum, cybersecurity rockstar:


"Le fait de croire que certaines technologies ne fonctionnent que dans un sens nous pousse à prendre de mauvaises décisions"

Thanks to GovSat for this interview


Highlights of the month

SPARTA — a new cybersecurity competence network

Re-imagining the way cybersecurity research, innovation, and training are performed in the European Union.


The ENFORCE project aims at designing, setting-up, and disseminating a cybercrime training curriculum at the European level. Read more...


A cybersecurity challenge at Game of Code 2019!

GovSat/SES, in collaboration with SECURITYMADEIN.LU, are proud to announce that this year – and for the first time - there will be a challenge related to cybersecurity and space. Read more...


Upcoming events

Lëtz Cybersecurity Challenge Meetup #1 Meg

We invite all the participants and potential players to join us for the first meetup of the Lëtz Cybersecurity Challenge! This event will be an opportunity for all to discuss and discover new information about the competition as well as to develop cyber security skills through workshops.

Cybersecurity Breakfast #29

How to secure mobile communication in sensitive environments?

Securing communications while enabling organizational efficiency and business continuity in an era of cybercrime, technological and geopolitical threats. Thanks to LHoFT for hosting this event. Read more...


After Work "Découverte des métiers de la cybersécurité"

L’événement aura pour objectif la découverte des métiers du CSIRT/Incident Response.L’afterwork s’adresse aux professionnels de l’IT à la recherche d’un nouveau challenge, aux professionnels en reconversion ou tout simplement aux curieux. Pour en savoir plus...


Key facts

Number of organizations in CIRCL's MISP users group

MISP Threat Sharing allows organizations to share information about malware and their indicators. MISP users benefit from the collaborative knowledge about existing malware or threats. Last year, 36 organizations joined the CIRCL instance (private sector) to reach the total number of 795 members.

How to discuss cybersecurity with your employees?

Nowadays the consumerization of ICT products has pushed employees to use their personal devices in professional environment. The BYOD trend is now a reality that could be a threat as well as a benefit depending on how it is managed.

CASES releases a brand new version of MONARC

After the update to MONARC 2.8 your existing analysis with legacy measures from MONARC will by default use the controls from ISO/IEC 27002. Nothing will change automatically. Of course you will be able to import new referentials. It’s the goal.

Each member of the Luxembourg cybersecurity ecosystem can post on SECURITYMADEIN.LU.

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