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November 2019

A decision maker takes the floor

Philippe Bonte, CFO, Groupe Le Foyer

"Une tempête, c’est stupide, ça n’apprend rien, contrairement à un cybercriminel, qui apprend après chaque attaque"


Highlights of the Month

Cybersecurity got Talent

The Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg is over and was, for its 3rd edition, a very big success.Some figures say more than words:

  • More than 40 events
  • 58 sponsors
  • 3000+ attendees

The Cybersecurity Week was also the occasion for some actors to launch new services, products or tools, like the Cyber Insurance for SMEs, the Cybersecurity Assessment tool of the Fedil among others.

The peak event of the week was of course the Gala & Awards Night which took place at the Exit07 and has celebrated the actors of the Cybersecurity, rewarded the talents and gave the Ecosystem a precious “opportuparty” to network and build new projects. Read more...

Cybersecurity for Success: comme son nom l'indique

Les entreprises sont venues nombreuses pour assister à la table-ronde et aux workshops organisés par la Chambre de Commerce. Les échanges de vues ont pu révéler une soif de solutions et d'outils pour assurer sa cybersécurité. Read more...


Upcoming events

Cybersecurity Breakfast #34 - Cybersecurity Breakfast #34 - encryption, a necessary evil or an underrated necessity?

In her book Listening In: Cybersecurity in an Insecure Age, Susan Landau, a former distinguished engineer at Sun Microsystems and now a professor at Tufts University, analyzed in 2018 that the debate around encryption has shifted from “privacy vs. security” to “security (of the users) vs. security (of the governments)”. Read more...

Holiday Gifts: Spies under the Christmas tree?

The IAPP organizes a chat about connected devices and smart home products that may rank high on many people’s Christmas gift lists. Read more...

CLUSIL Afterwork - directive NIS

La directive “Network and Information System Security” (NIS) poursuit un objectif majeur: assurer un niveau de sécurité élevé et commun pour les réseaux et les systèmes d’information de l’Union européenne. Read more...


Key facts & Tools

entreprises are members of the Cybersecurty Ecosystem. 68 of them are startups!

Cybersecurity ecosystem mapping

SECURITYMADEIN.LU has launched the concept of the cybersecurity ecosystem 3 years ago. Since there, it has grown considerably… But if you want to find your way in a prolific forest, you need a map. Read more...

Fit4Cybersecurity: are you fit enough?

Helping small business to improve their security level is the purpose of CASES. To help them, the CASES team has built a tool called Fit4Cybersecurity. It's a set of question you have to answer to better know what you can improve to secure your business. Read more...


Standardization and Cybersecurity: nouvelle édition de l’analyse normative « Smart Secure ICT »

L’ILNAS et SECURITYMADEIN.LU ont inauguré la nouvelle station de lecture des normes désormais installée dans les locaux du Cybersecurity Competence Center (C3).

Each member of the Luxembourg cybersecurity ecosystem can post on SECURITYMADEIN.LU.

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