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Newsletter #6 | March 2022
Dear readers,
It has taken 32 (9) partners 3 years to develop and finalise 3 academic modules and 3 short-term programs to fulfil the promise of providing a toolbox-knowledge package for the EU energy sector to meet the challenge of transition. As it is with everything, the project duration itself is coming to an end, but we are confident that we have met the knowledge needs to tackle the crucible of energy transition even during the risen times of momentary anticipation within the energy sector itself.
During our last “Energy Game Changers 2022” conference, it was pointed out that a university should not go beyond what it is capable of providing. And we tend to agree with that – a university or any single entity in that matter should not jump over their own shadow, but if a great team of some of the best in Europe come together and put their best foot forward, they are able to bring something exceptional to the table and truly help out with spreading knowledge and confidence in the smart grid topic.
Not to worry, although the duration of the project is coming to an end - SMAGRINET services and material will be available for the energy sector and the public in the following years to come through the very partners that have participated in the project. The universities will continue providing the academic modules, the success with re-educational programs will guarantee our continuation of short-term programs and our hub of stakeholders will be available for research, networking and consultation purposes. You only just need to contact us through the channels on through one of our partners.
We thank all of our students, participants of our short-term programs, partners and attendees of our events as you have been the purpose and driver behind our project.
The greatest appreciation for all of the support on behalf of the project members and the thousands of people who we reached within the 3 years goes to the European Commission and its officers who have been the most helpful throughout the duration of the project. As SMAGRINET is fully funded by the EC we would not have been able to do it. The European Commission was the glue that helped to put the team together.
Stay tuned as SMAGRINET will continue to evolve…
POWER ON is the SMAGRINET’s competence Hub that was set out to enhance the knowledge of European universities in energy research and innovation in order to engage with the energy stakeholders to tackle the smart grid energy transition.
The hub will continue operating through the project members. If there is a specific need that your company or university needs to consult on, please do not hesitate to contact us through our portal or by directly contacting our partners.
Powerful Services
SMAGRINET developed a set of Powerful Services that aims to empower smart grid implementation by improving skills of the current industries' workforce and by capacitating academic organisations with the courses needed for smart grid implementation.
You may be assured by the quality as the services have been piloted and tested by the six consortium universities and were later on piloted in 4 organisations beyond consortium.
Janja Dolenc & Boštjan Blažič
University of Ljubljana
Master Level Modules
Well-trained researchers and engineers are the backbone of successful energy transition. Universities have the responsibility to prepare young people for their future role. Keeping this in mind, the SMAGRINET consortium developed and implemented three educational modules addressed to master’s level students. In all three piloting rounds, 240 participants from six universities registered. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from them, meaning SMAGRINET’s approach was effective and well-designed. In consequence, even though the project has now ended, we intend to keep offering the developed courses also in the coming years.
Anna Czerwinska
Technical University of Berlin
Online Courses “Smart Grid: from A to Z”
The two pilot programmes "Smart Grid: from A to Z" have been successfully completed. The many months of writing, editing and animation have been rewarded by participation beyond all expectations. The number of rewards produced outstand the objective of the project and the completion rate is much higher than average online courses. What a better way to finish the SMAGRINET project!?
Alex Gabriel
University of Lorraine
International Mobility Programme
SMAGRINET's International Mobility Programme was developed as a practical hands-on approach facilitating international collaboration and networking between the students and enterprises. It created a broader understanding on the industry challenges and involved more than 60 students in the programme activities, including internships, roadshows across Europe, simulation and online sessions showcasing innovative solutions in action.
Sandra Metsis
Training the Trainers has been one of the most important events in the SMAGRINET project's duration. The workshop provided an insight into the teaching methods of expert level teaching staff from consortium universities and gave an opportunity for the universities beyond consortium to uptake prepared case-based modules and short-term programmes.
Presentations and Manuals
Janja Dolenc & Boštjan Blažič
University of Ljubljana
Energy Game Changers 2022
On Mar 17, 2022 the final conference of the SMAGRINET project “Energy Game Changers 2022 - The Current Energy Situation and the Importance of an Informed Society” took place. Countries across the globe have been implementing smart grids to achieve reductions in emissions, increased grid efficiency, utilisation of renewable energy sources and consumer control over their energy consumption. Now, security of supply also comes into focus. As SMAGRINET developed academic modules for students and in-service courses for the current workforce as well as public, the focus of the conference was the role of the modern, industry-driven and accessible education and knowledge on smart grids in the process of energy transition. More than 300 people participated attended the conference, if you missed it, watch the recording here.
The SMAGRINET Project set out to educate the next generation of engineers and power the smart grid expertise in Europe. To achieve this goal, many people and organisations were involved. Read how was the experience in SMAGRINET for some of our consortium members as well as feedback of some of the participants of our POWERFUL Services.
Testimonies from some
of the members
"We're looking forward to what the members are planning to do with it beyond the project end date"
Karl Kull
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Communication & Dissemination Leader
“Thank you to the consortium for what we accomplished together and for what we aim to achieve in the upcoming years”
Catarina Pereira
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Webinars &
Conference Leader
“Being part of the SMAGRINET project has been an interesting and educating journey for Civitta”
Anneli Roose
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Train-the-Trainers Leader
“SMAGRINET gave us a push to prepare new teaching materials for master students.”
Janja Dolenc &
Boštjan Blažič
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Online Courses Leader
“I think the next step for the Smart Grid: from A to Z courses is to provide hands-on works in addition to the knowledge quizzes.”
Alex Gabriel
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Modules Leader
"Keep learning and keep teaching for a successful energy transition"
Anna Czerwinska
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Mobility Programme Leader
“SMAGRINET was a rewarding experience, proving the importance of collaboration and the need for future-proof engineers in the energy sector.”
Sandra Metsis & Tõnis Vare
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Testimonies from some
external participants
Myriam Clisson
Project Manager, Lorraine University (France)
“The online course gave me a holistic view on the energy challenges. I recommend it to every adult eager to learn and to understand the interaction between every stakeholder”
Jaano Taavi
Business Development Manager, Enefit Connect OÜ (Estonia)
“International students that attended the Mobility Programme brought new perspectives and are from a different background compared to domestic students.”
Jernej Hribar
Electrician, Elektro Gorenjska (Slovenia)
“Through the modules, I got many information regarding the electricity network operation, how it is structured... I would recommend these knowledge to anyone who has contact with the electricity grid.”
Daberechi David
Student, TU Berlin (Nigeria)
“Going through the course answered many of my questions on renewable energy state of the art and need for multi-energy networks.”
This project has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement no. 837626