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02 July, 2021

2021 ENVRI Community International School

Registration is now open for the 2021 edition of the ENVRI Community International School! Organised by ENVRI-FAIR and LifeWatch ERIC, this year's theme is Services for FAIRness, with the full programme to be announced imminently. The School will be held online 27/09/21 - 8/10/2021.


New Chair of the LifeWatch ERIC GA

Our congratulations to Inmaculada Figueroa, elected as Chair of the General Assembly on 17 June.

e-Science for NIS Research Workshop

A momentous occasion for LifeWatch ERIC, as it presented years of work by the Internal Joint Initiative.


Ingenio Foundation Sustainability Award

LifeWatch ERIC was recognised by the Ingenio Foundation for its efforts in environmental sustainability!

Keeping up with LifeWatch Belgium

LifeWatch Belgium has been very busy over the last few months, and has a selection of stories to share.


Partnering in Horizon 2020 BiCKiL project

On 27-28 May, LifeWatch ERIC took part as one of 14 partners in the kick-off meeting of the BiCKiL project.


EOSC Future opens call for evaluators 

EOSC Future has opened a call for expert evaluators, just weeks after its kick-off meeting on 10 June.


The AERAP Summit

From 14 to 18 June, LifeWatch ERIC took part in 14 panels of the AERAP Science and Innovation Summit.

The RI-VIS Symposium

Read all about LifeWatch ERIC participation in the Latin America-Europe Symposium on 17 June.


LifeWatch Italy has published numerous research fellowships and grants with CNR, INFN, and the Universities of Bologna and Salento as part of the LifeWatchPlus project. Read on to learn more!


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