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World premiere of "Metodo Piombino – Italy beyond the law"

Video reportage by Max Civili, now subtitled in English.


Berlin, November 11th, 2022 - At the headquarters of the Foreign Press Association in Italy in Rome, Via dell'Umiltà 83, a press conference was held for the presentation of the video reportage "The Piombino Method - Italy Beyond the Law" by journalist Max Civili, in the attendance of national and international press.

The documentary has been shown as a world premiere in Piombino, at the Youth Center Auditorium.

The event was held via live streaming. The length of the documentary is about 60 minutes and is available from today.
Watch the entire documentary subtitled in English on the link below.

With the kind request of circulating.


Not only is this the story of a regasifier to be anchored in the small port of Piombino; where nearby homes and hundreds of existing ferry rides, to pass just a few meters away, will be at heightened risk of collision to cause super explosions and massive fires.

Not only is this the story of Italy’s new fish farming industry to be seriously undermined and, possibly destroyed, by the regasifier. Fish and shellfish are raised just a stone’s throw from where the petrochemical vessel will dump hectoliters of bleach and cold water into the sea every day.

Not only is this the story of a regasifier to compromise the rebirth of territory devastated under the banner of "take it and run away!” when mass layoffs ensued from the closing of steel mills and blast furnaces.

Not only is this the story of a regasifier that could not have stayed in Piombino had the government not excluded the Environmental Impact Assessment that, no doubt, would have given a negative evaluation.

Not only is this the story of a regasifier in Piombino…

But, rather, this is the story of how the rights of citizens are grossly infringed by an authoritarian Italian government; all in the name of an unspecified "national emergency.”

Thanks to an article (the number 32) of the bis-Aid Decree of last August, if Operation Piombino passes tomorrow, with the same method, then anything can be achieved anywhere, and citizens will not be able to oppose it.

This is not a Nimby movement. In Piombino, the struggle is to defend a fundamental principle: The rule of law and the rights of citizens.

The documentary provides an opportunity to present this issue to an international, national, and local audience.

From an idea by Cecilia and Max

Coproduction with the support of citizens of Val di Cornia, Piombino and Isola d'Elba.

Special thanks, for translation and revision of the English subtitles, to:

Miguel Martinez

Sara Pulcini

Valeria Melandri
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